About us and our values

Our Animal World is a family run business and was started in 2021.

Laura had grown up with numerous pets and a real love for all animals big and small! In 2016, Laura completed her studies and became a fully qualified primary school teacher. She loved her job helping and teaching children but wanted to combine her passion for teaching with her love of animals.

Laura is an ex-teacher and puts her skills to good use when running children's parties our exhibitions.During her teaching years, she realised that teaching about animals with a more hands-on approach not only helped children embed the knowledge they were learning but that the experience gave children more respect for the animals they were learning about.

Laura also found that even the shyest of her students seemed to come alive and thrive around the animals, improving their self-confidence and mental well-being. She realised that many of her students would never have had the opportunity to experience these wonderful animals up close and the joy they could bring without these sessions.

So, with her mother’s support, 'Our Animal World' was born!

Our company values are:

  • Education: teaching others how to look after all animals to a high standard and trying to stop animal abuse and neglect for the future to ensure all animals are looked after in the way they deserve
  • Protection: showing everyone just how incredible these animals are and the wonders of our wildlife around us and why it is important to protect it
  • Happiness: the joy these animals can bring into someone’s life is a gift we want to share
  • Fun: amazing memories that will last a life time for all those involved!

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