Meet the 'Our Animal World' team


Hi there.  I am Laura and I am the owner and founder of Our Animal World.

I am an ex teacher who gave up teaching so I could go round educating all ages on animals instead! I am also an animal assisted therapist with SEN experience as well.
I love all animals (which is probably a good thing as we have around 300 in total here!) and my favourite animal changes almost daily as they are all so wonderful and full of character! One of my soft spots are my rescues such as Jade the Chinese water dragon who was left behind by a previous owner, most of my rabbits (some were living in terribly small hutches with no run access, some were given up as children 'got bored', some were just generally unwanted), the ferrets and some of our birds. Being able to give them a home they didn't have before is the best feeling, especially seeing them grow in confidence and character- it really warms my heart.


Hi, my name's Shannon. I started working for Our Animal World full time in September 2023. I completed my level 3 animal management course at Suffolk New College (Rural). I love animals, my favourites at Our Animal World are Frankie the Bearded Dragon, Nibbles the Rabbit and Peaches the Kakariki. I also own a dog, a bearded dragon and a tortoise.


Hi, my name's Pam. I am Laura's mother and often help out with the clubs, care homes, parties and events. You will see me handing out stickers on the front door of the van at public events!
My favourite animals are elephants. My favourite animals here at Our Animal World are Charlie the tortoise, Heidi the African pygmy hedgehog and all 3 of the royal pythons- they have such cute faces and are so gentle!

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