The Van Experience

We bring the zoo to you in our specially converted, large van. In this van, each animal has its own enclosure with lighting, heating, cooling, hideaway spaces and enrichment as needed. We do not need any electrics as our van has its own, to ensure the animals are happy and healthy. The entire van was designed with the animals’ happiness and comfort in mind.

Please note ***There may be occasions when certain animals may not be able to attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness (although for most species we have more than one) but we will contact you to arrange for a replacement if that is the case. I thank you in advance for understanding that the needs of the animals must always come first.

The Ultimate Zoo to You Experience - In an outside space (MUST be accessible by a large ban)

In our ultimate package, we bring 17+ different species (animals' health and welfare depending) for a fantastic display that will never be forgotten!

With our specially converted van, we have an awning that comes out to provide shelter from either the sun and/or the rain plus a 6m x 3m gazebo (or a 3m x 3m gazebo if smaller is needed for lack of room) in which groups of people can sit in to meet the animals.

Fully personalised to how you would like the session to run, either as a free-flowing 'meet and greet session where guests can wander around and see/ask questions about the animals and hold them as appropriate or as scheduled talks on the different animals throughout the time. Either way, get in contact with us today to arrange your perfect event!

The Van Experience (17+ animals) - £250 for the first hour and £100 an hour after that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a variety of animals to choose from which you are able to choose to attend. Please note that some are better suited to older children or are visual only. In these cases if you select them, we will confirm with you and if you would still like them then we can arrange this. If not, we will suggest other animals that might be better suited.

We travel up to an hour from IP13.

So we can have up to 30 children, but always suggest about 15. Just be aware that the more children there are, the more the children have to wait around and possibly get bored.

So with under 8s we suggest no more than 1 hour. We do have added extras such as Curiosity Corner or a crafts activity which can be added on as a more active 30mins at the end.

Curiosity Corner is a table full of feathers, reptile sheds (ie. snakes and lizards), insects in resin, fossils and more to be explored in a hands on way with magnifying glasses and microscopes.

Yes we will ask if there are animals that you wish not to attend due to phobias etc and will ensure that animal does not come.

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