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Below is a range of the services we provide. If you can't find what you are looking for or are you're not sure which would suit your needs best, please contact us at info@ouranimalworld.com or ring us on 0751 934 0788 and someone will be able to help you.

Zoo to You Van

The Van Experience

Why not have our full ‘Zoo to You’ van?! With our fully adapted van, we offer a complete package for small groups, rotating groups or families without even needing to enter a house! Our animals have access to any heating/lighting requirements they may need, with fully adapted enclosures. The majority of the animals are able to come out for more hands on experiences if required. The mammals will have enclosures outside the van during the duration of the encounter (weather permitting).

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Volunteers with school children

Childrens’ Parties

We have a variety of children's parties to suit everyone. Please see party packages for more information.

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Laura is qualified as a CMA Practitioner.

Animal Assisted Therapy

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Frankie the bearded Dragon

Special needs, Care homes and Animal therapy sessions

Animal therapy in care homes is becoming more and more popular.

Our services are fully insured and we carry DBS certificates. 

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Our mobile zoo at our local fete.


We have a wide range of options for a variety of events including weddings, corporate fun days, family fun days or even as an attraction within a shop! We can arrange something to suit you and your requirements.

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Phobia Sessions

We also run phobia sessions for a variety of our animals. 

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Our wizarding bearded Dragon!


For all your film, television and photography shoot needs.

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